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What is the cause of the error in the machining of CNC gantry machining center

The CNC gantry machining center will produce errors during processing. What causes this error? Let's introduce it below.
1. CNC Gantry Machining Center
1. Machining error caused by the error of CNC machine tool: control system error; machine tool feed drive system error.
2. Machining errors caused by the manufacturing process of the CNC gantry machining center: unreasonable process arrangement; improper selection of cutting-in and cutting-out points of the tool.
3. Errors caused by workpiece positioning.
4. Errors caused by unreasonable programming.
2. High-precision CNC Longmen Machining Center
1. The outer circle of the high-precision CNC lathe is a cone: the connection between the front and rear centers is not coaxial with the spindle axis, which is caused by the wrong position of the tailstock of the CNC lathe.
2. The workpiece vibrates when turning on the CNC gantry machining center: it may be that the tailstock sleeve is too long or the support of the workpiece is too loose, it may be that the turning tool is not sharp enough or the tip arc is too large, or the bearing of the rotary center The gap is large or the gap between the medium and small slides is too large.
3. The circle runout does not meet the requirements: the front center has a different axis from the spindle axis or the circle runout caused by the wear of the bearing of the rotating center, the center hole of the workpiece is not cleaned or the center hole is fuzzed, and the lever of the center of the heart is stuck. The end face of the disk makes the center hole useless.
4. The center hole of the high-precision CNC lathe is severely worn or biting: it may be caused by the use of a fixed center without lubricating oil, or the spindle speed is too high, or the core chuck is not clamped, and the workpiece has stopped rotating during turning.
The source of errors when machining parts using CNC gantry machining centers is complicated. Only by properly mastering the principles of CNC machine tools and strengthening the process knowledge of the operators can the machining errors of CNC machine tools be well resolved, and the accuracy of CNC machining can be improved, so as to produce qualified products. The product.
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