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Features of Longmen Machining Center

Since the machining center is generally developed on the basis of a milling machine, it can be called a gantry milling machine machining center, which is customarily referred to as a gantry machining center for short. It is one of the CNC machine tools with high output and wide application in the world. The main features are:
(1) On the basis of the CNC boring machine or CNC machine tool, an internal tool changer is added, so that after the workpiece is clamped once, the multi-process processing of the surface of the workpiece can be continuously completed, and the process is highly concentrated.
(2) Generally, there is an automatic indexing rotary table or headstock, which can automatically rotate the angle, so that the workpiece can automatically complete the multi-process processing of multiple planes or multiple angular positions after one clamping.
(3) The machining center can automatically change the spindle speed, feed rate, motion path of the tool relative to the workpiece, and other auxiliary functions.
(4) If the machining center is equipped with an exchange table, while the workpiece is being processed on the table in the working position, the loading and unloading of other workpieces on the table in the loading and unloading position will not affect the normal processing of the workpiece.
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